Ellie894 December 7, 2022


falling stars…

When this piece found me yesterday it had been defaced. Unkindness was carved into it, by an unknown someone. I went to the closet and pulled down my paints, acrylics and the brushes that go with them. And I set to work transforming it. A plain black background as a night sky… a woodland floor at rest under a tall straight pine… two cardinals in joyful flight…and above and around it all… stars… a night sky full of stars and wishesnothing now but kindness and joy…


Ellie894 December 6, 2022

knit 1&2

Cotton yarn to tell this tale, k

nit one and two,

hear the whistle on the rail,

red and green and then some white,

a tiny scarf unrolls,

for a mouse just right,

or, will it be a bow,

strewn about a present,

as a soft dusting of snow,

or, mittens or a hat,

like you, it can be anything,

…just like that,

this yarn has traveled a very long way,

to be stitched and gathered,

on a cold winter’s day,

with time and care,

knit one and two,

and love to share…


Ellie894 December 5, 2022

Mr Moose agrees…

Moose Cat 2015

Have you ever noticed how books

are like butterflies

A hard cloth cover

like a cocoon

And the pages,

the hidden insides

all pure potential

The gift of wings,

to transform the very heart of you…

They are mystical and magical

sharing tender loving care

everywhere, they happen to be

Yes…books are definitely like butterflies…


Ellie894 December 3, 2022

Feline Friday…

As it’s 12-2-22

I can’t think of any better way

To start this day

Than with 2 orange tabbies

Ready to run out and play

May your own moments

Be quite as full as theirs

With gazing out of windows

Dozing and napping

Perhaps a little toe tapping

Some swishing of your tail

And letting your thoughts … so gently sail…


Ellie894 December 2, 2022

E.B. White…

“He learned to deal with their colorful language and the terrible heat of the mess, and to carry huge cauldrons of hot stew from the galley down a vertical ladder. Not only did he grow strong physically, but the farther down he went in the ship, the better he felt about himself.”

– Beverly Gherman writing about the beloved children’s author E.B. White


Ellie894 November 29, 2022

Helper Elfer

Jack 2015

Its time to get out the Christmas boxes full of decorations and memories.

Before I do, I tidy up.

Dust the dusty.

Wrap up odds and ends and tuck them away for a few weeks.

Make room!

Create empty space…

In me as much as around the house.

I find that I like the tidying as much as the decorating.

The emptiness is soothing,

…yet, so very full of possibilities….

And, of course there’s Jack,

My professional helper elfer!! 🐾☺️


Ellie894 November 28, 2022