fiery visions…

warm within

the morning chill



in the fading darkness

kept company by

lingering stars

singing softly

fiery visions of

what may be…


ellie894 March 2018



Close your eyes

And feel my hand

Warm upon your cheek

Lean into me

And rest…


ellie894 March 2018




Did you Do that?!

I confess…

You’re a rumble tumble mess.

And I cannot imagine


You tucked yourself in

So nice and neat

To cozy covers

Already in place

Leaving nothing to show

But your sleepy sweet face…


ellie894 March 2018

but wait…

but, but, but, but, but….


we’re not done with the weekend yet!


have a wonderful week everyone!


you are…

you are the crimson…

the velvet wine of my petaled rose

you are the amber…

the fiery passion of my tiger lily

you are the gold…

the luscious warmth of my reaching sunflower

you are the emerald…

the deep promise of my what may be

you are the heavens…

the forever sky of my morning glory

you are the indigo…

the gentle allure of my dancing iris

you are the lavender…

the soft respite of my delicate field

you are the bow…

the sweet treasure of my life giving rain

you are the colors…

the delight of my garden

you are the soul…

the always of my love


ellie894 March 2018

why do I…

Why do I stroll the waters edge

Why do I chase the light

Why do I search the clouds

For all that is hidden out of sight


ellie894 March 2018

not long…



So early in the morning?

On such a beautiful day?

With a whole world of adventure nearby?

What’s up with that?

Or more importantly…

How long will it last…


ellie894 March 2018

the plan…

Mortimer is the man

The man with the plan



No way!

Mortimer has no plan

Unless it’s to

Eat and sleep

Sleep and eat

And then

when it’s after four

He’ll simply

Sleep and eat

Eat and sleep

Some more


Now that I think of it

Mortimer is the man

The man with the plan


ellie894 March 2018

out of place…

A bird out of place…

I don’t belong

Tied to the ground

Sweet with song

Ah, but only

Til the fire cools

And the ashes blow away

Then I rise

To face the new day

Scars line my wings

Still I can fly

Blackened reminders

Of times gone by

They catch the air

As I take to the sky


The invisible

knowing inside


ellie894 March 2018