never ending love…

how sweet the heart that fills our own with never ending love…

suzanne ❤️



May your clouds blush warm with a hint of pink

As sunset bestows its goodnight wink

May your weary eyes rest safe astride silvery beams

As lullabies sing you, into the world of dreams

May your waking thoughts soar forth on gossamer wings

In the beautiful embrace that true love brings


ellie894 July 8, 2018

this one…

No sparklers

No hot dogs

No apple pie

The only fireworks were your pain

I took to the floor at your side

The concrete hard against my knees

Such a small price to pay

If only I could do more

Hold my hand, tighter now

That’s right

And, look at me, not her,

I’m right here

Not going anywhere

So close

You know,

You have your mother’s eyes

The chocolate brown ones with the soft blue grey ring…

Full of laughter

Ok, ok

Let’s see…music!

I was thinking of music, yours

If there was a soundtrack of your life

What would be on it…

This one and that one

First rocking, then soft

Ah, the hint of a smile

Now, who was that

That you let me play a thousand times over

When I was a child

Yes, Miss Nicks… how pretty she was

That got me a wink

Nearly done

How a moment can feel like forever

Oh, that I could take this one from you

And leave a beautiful song in its place



dusty eyes…

Hotter than hot…

Then, the temperature dropped

Twenty degrees in twenty minutes

July became October before my dusty eyes

Clouds rolled steady from the north

Thunder rumbled from the south

As Zeus and Ares played

At knocking down the pins

Of mount Olympus

The sky opened up and let loose

Glorious summer Rain!

Welcome as the softest blanket

Covering everything in satin shimmer

We were caught and nowhere to go

But onward down the path

Under dripping forest leaves

Shall we go around again?

I asked my loyal companions

Soaking wet from nose to tails

Answered they, without delay

Yes indeed!

And added, please

So once again, we took a spin

In the lovely sky’s surprise

It washed me through

And I saw you

No more dusty eyes…


ellie894 July 2018

remind me…

tell me a story

with every word that you choose

pause for another

in every moment you lose

paint me a canvas

with every stroke of your brush

share all the messes

in every soft whispered hush

nurture my spirit

with every kindness you show

remind me there’s light

in every darkness you know

gift me with beauty

despite every thorn so bold

trust me, my heart

in loving tenderness hold


ellie894 July 2018

always yours…

As I lift my pen to write

I never know just what will come

Joy or sadness,

Tears or so much fun.

The same deep place is home to them all

One cannot only have goodness in their days

Sweet needs the taste of sour

To cringe upon the tongue

North needs the pole of south

To hold the world as one

Caterpillar needs snug, the cocoon

To become what she is meant to be

And dance upon the singing breeze…

May I gather the words that arrive as thoughts

May they be as true as true

And may I have the courage to share them here with you

May they rest in the heart that needs them

May they give hope

To one who rides the wild mustang of despair

May they find you where you are…

And lift your weary soul…

So very high into the sweet night’s air

May they be a gift to one who seeks

May they be a smile to one who softly weeps

May the love buried within the words

Find an open tender heart

They were never really mine you see…

These words…

Always they were yours…

Right from the very start….


ellie894 June 2018

dream to the heavens…

Never and forever

Always and clever

What else can my poor heart do

But close my eyes

Let out the sighs

Of never and clever

And dream to the heavens

Always and forever

Of sweet and lovely you….


ellie894 June 2018

soft summer morning…

How beautiful

a summer morning

That softly whispers


It belies the heat

that later comes

In sleepy mid-day haze


For now, the birds sing

the turtles swim

and the dogs rest nearby


Breezes blow to me

from far away

Caressing close my cheek



my every question

Before I can even ask


If only

It delivered answers

Then, I could set out to begin…


ellie894 June 2018