the hungering soul…

This morning is one of those

When my heart is full of tender prose

Thoughts come faster than my pen

Before I can gather this one

Yet another comes flying in

And I wonder of the ones

That did not land

Are they waiting somewhere nigh

For me to come and find them

As November days drift by and by

Dreams of


And hope

Each one in their own turn

Showing me how to breathe once more

Begging me to learn

As day calls me to the kitchen

To warm hearth and body well

While soul of soul does hunger

As much as ever much

For the writer’s strong but gentle touch

Of words laid enchantingly just so

Reminding one

Of all that one

Might someday sweetly know

Of love…

And never letting go

So my pen has come to rest

As I guess that I suppose

The musing words that were meant for me

Did leave their watermark

Upon my fast and beating heart

That dreams are real

Love is love

And hope will always keep them so…


ellie894 November 12, 2018






Busy is..



And above all



Makes me sad

There are too many wonderiferous ways



In this magniferous world

Far too many



For Busy

Tell me…

That You






And especially that you are


With it all

And I will


With your telling

Of the








The lackadaisically lazy ones

I will listen

With rapt attention

To every silence

Between your heartbeats…

So please,

Be more than busy

Your days are ever so worthy of magic

And so is lovable you…


ellie894 November 8, 2018

apple honey…

May your apples be crisp

Drizzled slowly with honey

May your bananas be a gift

Of a swinging sideways smile

May your oranges be tangy

Citrusly zingy and delightfully zany

May your plums hide sweetness

Beneath tart maroon skin

May your peaches be heavy

Laden with summer’s soft rain

May your heart be light

Knowing that you are always loved

Until we meet again…


ellie894 November 6, 2018

take care…

Open softly your heart this day

To all the beauty unseen

You will be a sweet gift to someone

And you may never even know

Your warmth of smile to one who is hurting

Your tender kindness to one who needs a hand

Your listening ear to one who only wishes to be heard

For all of those you touch

Who may never be able to tell you so themselves

Thank you…

Take good and loving care…


November 4, 2018

gossamer wings…

Listen closely as I softly tell

Of how I came to linger and to gaze

Within a charming midnight spell

Upon a lazy autumn afternoon

In the bliss of mild October days

And never once in the heat of June

How over the landed water

I rested

In an easy musical moment

Of what I believed to be stillness

Though, soon enough

A vast and countless number

Of the tiniest winged ones

Flew near to enchant me

All aglitter in the heart of the setting sun

Their hypnotic swirling dance hovered low

Yet high enough to save them

From the ravishing hunger

Waiting unseen and eagerly

Not very far below

Each and every gossamer wing

Fluttering in tender loving care

Choreographed in sweet precision

By who knows who

Residing in who knows where

So mystically…

Here is me

And near is lovely you

Over and again

On and on, in dreams they flew

However did they manage

Such a wondrous grace

Never shall I know

Their hidden faery secret place

Yet here I sit

With a hopeful smile

Each and every time

I magically think of it…


ellie894 October 30, 2018


for fresh autumn air to sweep through the open kitchen window…for my soft gray sweater to be a comfort against the chill…for the heart of the flame to dance… for the coffee to be ready…for snowy cream to sweeten it just so…for the melody to begin to play…for one lovely note and then another…for the pause of my pen…for the time it takes for the words to find me…for a dear night’s rest…for dawn to lighten the sky enough to wander the woods…for the early train heading west as it echoes across the miles…quietly my gentle heart waits…for the breeze to come and flutter at the cabin curtains…always…

suzanne ❤️

October 28, 2018

quiet embrace…

this tiny sword of shamrock green will never cause harm…this feather white down will never sail the sky alone…a cool breeze whispers tenderly…giving them to one another…in this softest of moments…two sweet hearts…wrapped in the quiet embrace…of true love’s hope…


ellie894 October 27, 2018

a thousand questions…

a thousand questions…dangle before me…my brow furrows in quiet contemplation…I haven’t any answers…only the haunting of what ifs…then…all at once…the fire breaks free…a tender warmth dancing through my soul…for all the wondrous possibilities therein…so I return…to the kitchen sink…and all that begs me to be done…while my thoughts fly away…on the wings of a thousand questions to play…one by lovely one…


ellie894 October 26, 2018

our gift…

I would be remiss if I let you go on thinking that I was this adored….

It’s the pancakes

Warm from the griddle

Melted butter

Drizzled with maple syrup

Gets em every time

Yep, it’s totally about the pancakes

Are you going to finish that

We could take care of that last bite

You know…if you’re too full or something

We’ve been so very good after all

And it’s been five whole minutes since we last ate

We know how it makes you happy to share…

So, it’s really our gift to you!

Yes! That’s what it is…our gift to you

You’re welcome!

May you be as adored as pancakes this day!

Suzanne ❤️

October 25, 2018