lightbulb idea….

I’ve only just had

A lightbulb idea

First, I pause to wonder

Why do they call them that

Couldn’t they be a sunshine idea


But, they don’t call them that

Not even Snoopy does

It’s a lightbulb idea

For certain

So let’s pull back the curtain

To a land of adventure

Waiting to be discovered


Helicopters whirling

Below the clouds

Airplane humming

Right out loud

So far below

Is where the smiles

Walk to and fro

After they park their cars

And step off their trams

Under the stars

With a moo and a meow

A friendly bunny

And a gentle lamb

All friends of Santa

Listening well for his

Ho ho ho

Above the footstep drums

Of the great gray elephant

As off… we… go…



ellie894 March 4, 2021

Chalk drawings courtesy of the children of California 🙂

all lined up…

All lined up

Neatly in a row

One by one

And here we go

Branches to branches

Roots to roots

Ducks on the pond

Shy away, scoots

Sunning turtle

Riding a wild warm breeze

The moon is at home

And all is at ease…


ellie894 February 27, 2021

within you…

Roots to hold you well

Branches to reach for the sky

Sunshine to warm your spirit

Wings that you may fly

A trunk so strong

To keep the water of life

Ever inner, ever flowing

Rolling greens

To soothe your soul

And bonnets of blue

That your heart may always sing

A tiny nest

Nestled among them

A home that you may rest…


ellie894 February 26, 2021

the moment…

I could write of ups and downs

Of shadow and light

Falling into deep sleep

And awakening once more

I could write of the warmth

Of the earth

And how the cold tries to drive it away

I could write of roots

Protected in unseen places

Of the melting

That frees in its unfreezing

I could write…


I could..

… fly…


ellie894 February 20, 2021

just from looking…

Just from looking

You can’t see

How red he is

How cold it is

How few seeds there are

Just from looking

You can’t know

How long the night was

How bitter the cold remains

How the icicles hang silently

Just from looking

You cannot know

How this fuzzy grainy photo

Of a moment

Brought me hope

This morning

Brought me to tears

This day

The little song

That cut through

The ice and the door

To find me

And remind me

Light and love

Always find a way

He made it through

The long bitter night

So too, shall we…


ellie894 February 18, 2021

This is not a good photograph. There are others far better of this bird and a yard full of birds. But, as is his way, he comes early to remind me to fill the feeders for the other smaller birds. Some have not made it through this bitter storm. And it is not over yet. Today, I’ll keep filling the feeders every few hours for the littlest ones. Seeds freely given…small things mean everything…

Take good care wherever you may be,

Suzanne ❤️


Laundry is a simple

complicated thing

I do it often

Washing away

Making clean


I was about my task

Gather and load

Settings and soap

As I always do

But when I

..looked again

There was this…

I don’t know

How it came to be


There it was

A touch of

Cobalt, navy, sapphire


Just a dash of loving blue

And it was enough


ellie894 February 7, 2021

some days …

Some days

The words







Polka dotted


All akimbo

Without a hand

To play

But, some days

They’re as warm

As sunset

Reaching ever far

Into the cold

untouched places

of nowhere

at the end

of a black tar road

that’s only

the beginning

of a long long night

holding gently

to a gone away day

And some days

they flutter

softly within reach

in kind invitation

To be at peace

..with your reflection


ellie894 February 5, 2021