beautiful blue berries hide with the night…a dash of red from the sun…they’re magenta so bright… lay them to sleep in a leafy green bed…sweet dreams of the morrow dance through their head…

A bright purple Friday to Ms Smith’s 4th grade writers. Thank you for your help. 😊

3 thoughts on “where the berries grow…

  1. Dear Mrs. Smith,
    Thank you for hosting our titles. It was no problem at all in fact it was a great way to get out of work!!!! HAHA! Please send more pictures so that we can help you name them. You live in a beautiful place. We would really like to get a visit from a real author.
    Ms. Smith’s Fourth Grade Writing Class

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    1. It is always fun to get out of work! 🙃 For me, it is especially fun when it includes writing! I would love to have more of your help. And I would love to visit with you one day. Keep writing ❤️😊


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