A shy little girl

With strawberry curl

It was always flying away

Signed her name with a heart

Created her art 

And played on the swings all the day 

Somehow she grew up

And Found her a pup

Took on all of life’s great demands

The chores how they clamored 

Feeling far less enamored 

She left her heart deep in the sands

Her mother said, dear

Why do you fear

The heart at the end of your name

Others may misunderstand, said she

Her mother sighed

And wisely replied…

Of course, some will

My love

But that should never

No never

Be an excuse

To not be who you are

Now she’s grown upper 

She sings after supper

Her swing flies ever so high

She splashes in bubbles

Delights in mud puddles

As her toes they reach for the sky

Now the shy little girl

With strawberry curl

Untamed and flying away

Decided this day

There is only one way 

And returned the heart to the end of her name

Love you mom, suzanne❤️