Off to school we go

On a Monday morning

Time to learn

All there is to know

The three R’s

they say

Reading, writing and arithmetic

Hold on

That’s not three R’s

That’s RWA

Running With Antoine

Who’s Antoine

And why is he running

Are the multiplication tables

Out to get him

And even if he feels the need to run

From adverbs and dangling participles

Why oh why

Must I go with him


I won’t do it

You can’t make me

No running with Antoine

School is canceled for the day

Seems to me someone

Needs to rethink the educational system

Come back tomorrow

And we’ll try again…


ellie894 April 2018

For my sweet sister J, the best teacher in forever!

4 thoughts on “off to school…

  1. This wonderful poem finds me at a time when my patience is wearing thin and so is the attention of every student in my class. However, I giggle and feel a sense of relief from all the testing stress. I feel so loved and adored! Thank you, Sister, for thinking of me! You are beautiful and I don’t deserve you.

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