Is anything but


For me

In fact

It’s the wordiest


Of my whole week

Today was no exception…


Floated up the stairs

And down the hall

To Mabel’s room

One, two, three

Swish, two, three

Swirl, two, three…

As I began to read aloud

The story so easily


Through me…


I held the book

With my left hand

While my right

Kept graceful three quarter time

In a drifting upward sway

To the words…

Little Emilio

No farther away

Than a footstep

Gazed in wonder

At the magic

Of my fingers

As they danced

Mabel’s story

To sweet musical life…

All at once

He lifted his own

Tiny hands

In front of him

And began to dance

A gentle waltz

Along with me…

One, two, three

Swish, two, three

Swirl, two, three…

The story ended

And our hands

Returned to our laps…

But I shall

Always smile

As I recall

Little Emilio

And his first

Magical waltz…

I love wordy Wednesday…


ellie894 April 2018

Mabel Dancing by Amy Hest read at Wednesday storytime

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