Sweetened iced tea on the back porch swing

Lemon pound cake with citrusy zing

Fabric scraps magically sewn into something more

Smoky gray Kitty Bell asleep on the floor

I Love Lucy and breakfast on a tray

At home with my Mimi on a sick day

Her cozy warm kitchen adorned with sunshine yellow table and chairs

The old wooden telephone hung above the rocker beyond the one step down stair

The fragile child’s tea set safe behind glass

The mail slot that slapped closed after real letters pass

Christmas Eves and Thanksgiving dinners

More than I can count or even remember

Stitch after stitch afghans crocheted

With love for grandchildren sweetly made

All that she lived could fill volumes galore

Or at least the aisles of Ms. Rasch’s Variety Store

How does one woman so small

At four foot eleven stand so tall

Who did she love

Who did she lose

How many tears

How many smiles

Nearly a hundred years

And over a thousand miles…


ellie894 May 5, 2018

Mimi would have been 109 today! Happy birthday!

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