Sunshine falls soft through the waking trees

As the grassy meadow yawns

Night’s dew sparkles upon lacy webs whose creators have disappeared with the dawn

A train whistles in the distance driving through the morning silence, then begins to fade

Leaving a hum of metal wheels against metal tracks

No turning back, No turning back

And…nand…and…nand…the truth of their call rings clear

Past present and future stretch out as one and never undone

Ever forward along parallel lines never touching though they keep the same sweet time

Alongside one another, just out of reach

Carrying the same hopeful train to the same far off place

Passionately keeping the same steady pace

I pray one day their time will come and the distance between them will be overcome

On that treasured day, they shall rest, arriving in the quiet station

In the middle of nowhere

The one horse town of Love, population unknown…

And everywhere the world will change

As their beating hearts merge

And the need for words

Will gently fade away

In exchange, forever gazing days, lazing days

Sssss floats the misty steam…

Granted wishes, no longer a dream

Clickety clack, clickety clack

Their song of love hums along the track

As the rails keep on and on…


ellie894 May 2018

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