How beautiful

a summer morning

That softly whispers


It belies the heat

that later comes

In sleepy mid-day haze


For now, the birds sing

the turtles swim

and the dogs rest nearby


Breezes blow to me

from far away

Caressing close my cheek



my every question

Before I can even ask


If only

It delivered answers

Then, I could set out to begin…


ellie894 June 2018

14 thoughts on “soft summer morning…

  1. I like the honesty of your doubt; it’s like Dickinson, who’s on a high for a few days, then has a lapse of faith. She swings back and forth like this throughout her corpus of poems.

    Did you know that “spirit” once signified “wind?” I learned that from reading Emerson.

    I had a hell of a week last week. I stopped therapy and just asserted myself with churchgoing. Talk therapy, for me, just wasn’t working. Church went perfect today, though. I feel a lot better. Whatever friends I make entails making enemies at the same time. Just how it goes.

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    1. Thank you so much. I love Emily D. and can relate to her back and forthness.

      I remember reading that about “spirit”. It’s one of those things I forget though from time to time.

      You did have quite a week! I’m glad that church went so well and that you’re feeling better. 😊. Did you play this morning?

      Best wishes for a good week ahead 😊


      1. No bass playing today, but I read the lessons at the lectern to the assembly. Kind of anxious, but I wanted to do it. This Sep I’ll be the reader three weeks in a row. I was told I did well.

        Yes, this coming week should be less turbulent. No engagements at all. I need a day or two of nothing to recharge my battery. There’s a book discussion group related to church tomorrow evening that I might attend.

        You’re welcome and thank you.

        I like Emily so much because her writing of “riddles” reminds me of my mother working crossword puzzles compulsively. Both of them seeking the solution to the Big Puzzle.

        Your photos are always great. I need to buy my own camera (or smartphone) and spice up my site.

        Take care

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      2. Very nice, I imagine September will go well. Do they give you the lessons ahead of time so you can manage all of those wonderful biblical names? It sounds like you did do well and that they fully intend to make you a regular up there.

        Some nothing can often be just the thing. I need the quiet before I can get back out there. What book will they be discussing? That sounds very much like something you’d enjoy.

        Thank you on the photos. I don’t have a computer. All of my posting is done between my phone and a tablet. Taking photos is probably my favorite part of my phone. 😊

        Have a great day!

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  2. I suppose that, per request, I could see the lessons in advance. But no, yesterday it was done quite cold!

    I think the book is _Talking to a Movie_ (not sure of title). I haven’t been reading it, but I think I could be there anyway.

    You too.

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