Hotter than hot…

Then, the temperature dropped

Twenty degrees in twenty minutes

July became October before my dusty eyes

Clouds rolled steady from the north

Thunder rumbled from the south

As Zeus and Ares played

At knocking down the pins

Of mount Olympus

The sky opened up and let loose

Glorious summer Rain!

Welcome as the softest blanket

Covering everything in satin shimmer

We were caught and nowhere to go

But onward down the path

Under dripping forest leaves

Shall we go around again?

I asked my loyal companions

Soaking wet from nose to tails

Answered they, without delay

Yes indeed!

And added, please

So once again, we took a spin

In the lovely sky’s surprise

It washed me through

And I saw you

No more dusty eyes…


ellie894 July 2018

8 thoughts on “dusty eyes…

    1. It was wonderful! I was delighted to make a second go round with Bo, Jack and Dobby. Miss Ellie is afraid of thunder so she stayed home. Thank you very much 😊❤️

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