Five poems landed in my heart

This very morning

Underneath the bluest Texas sky

Not one of them was the missing verse

Of “taken in”…

I cannot tell you why

Although they laughed and cried

And softly sighed

And I am much the better for the listening…

The words I searched the hardest for

Did not come flying through my open door

I suppose they soon will find me

And when they do

Tenderly will I hold them

Never to scold them

For asking me to wait

Rather, I shall treasure

Each sweet and longing letter

Before I pass them along

With a kiss and a song

to you,

my dear and cherished love…


ellie894 August 24, 2018

5 thoughts on “five poems landed in my heart…

  1. This is my favorite from you. Gorgeous from start to finish. Perfect opening lines to start.
    Wonderful personification saying these poems laughed, cried, and sighed. You made them life like. And yes, we are much better for listening. “Before I pass them along with a kiss and a song to you.” Sigh This was wonderful.

    This is exactly what I wrote about yesterday. No doubt, this wonderful poem will haunt me.

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    1. I’m quite humbled by your thoughts. How often do I write with a pen early in the morning and it’s just a ramble and nothing more. Then, I leave to walk and thoughts seem to fall from the trees. Mind you, I still don’t know if they’re any good, nevertheless I feel inclined to share them. Im happy to hear they echo for you. Thank you Drew 🌷


    1. It is a journey isn’t it? And it’s nice when the words are gifted to ride along and detail the scenery. Thank you so much 😊. Have a lovely evening. Enjoy the moon 🌙


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