Listen closely as I softly tell

Of how I came to linger and to gaze

Within a charming midnight spell

Upon a lazy autumn afternoon

In the bliss of mild October days

And never once in the heat of June

How over the landed water

I rested

In an easy musical moment

Of what I believed to be stillness

Though, soon enough

A vast and countless number

Of the tiniest winged ones

Flew near to enchant me

All aglitter in the heart of the setting sun

Their hypnotic swirling dance hovered low

Yet high enough to save them

From the ravishing hunger

Waiting unseen and eagerly

Not very far below

Each and every gossamer wing

Fluttering in tender loving care

Choreographed in sweet precision

By who knows who

Residing in who knows where

So mystically…

Here is me

And near is lovely you

Over and again

On and on, in dreams they flew

However did they manage

Such a wondrous grace

Never shall I know

Their hidden faery secret place

Yet here I sit

With a hopeful smile

Each and every time

I magically think of it…


ellie894 October 30, 2018

5 thoughts on “gossamer wings…

  1. I liked “gossamer” for diaphanous wings. You might play with the phenom of prism making from them. There’s even an adj, “prismatic,” for making little rainbows, little spectra, in the sunlight… Well, here’s a compliment: your poem has inspired me to write a complementary one! And suddenly come to me the rainbow wings of the centaur that takes Meg, Cal, and Charles Wallace around in _A Wrinkle in Time_. You must’ve read it? I can see the cover art to the Dell Yearling edition. Take care, Suz. Keep writing, and I will, too ;D


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