I have just been dragged through the forest by Jack and Dobby!

A rousing round to lift the spirits!

Before that I wrote and wrote, my pen kept up so well

As poems turned to stories and therein did I dwell.

Six pages!

And still there is ink to spare.

How I will distill them to their essence I haven’t a clue.

I’m only grateful they are there.

For now I’m off in another direction, heading out the door

The only decision I must make…

what music to accompany me and be my daily score…


Have a splendid day All, suzanne ❤️

November 16, 2018

16 thoughts on “ink to spare…

  1. Interesting, the debate now re: the virtues of longhand vs. typing. I know someone who thinks the internet is dehumanizing. I guess it’s all in how you use things. But I do take a hiatus occasionally to write by hand. It’s a relief.

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    1. It is an interesting debate isn’t it. I like so much to write by hand. But I admit editing is far easier on a computer. Back and forth. I suppose each has their advantages. Do you write by hand often?

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  2. I do so once or twice a week, but this last time I didn’t copy it to a post. Keying something in is a hassle, no? But short of OCR scanning, there seems to be no other way. Please advise if there is!

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  3. It’d be more possible for me to key in from MS. if I had more physical desk space and better lighting in here. Something for me to think about. Take care. Another time you might show me how to access more emoticons?

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