What awakened me in the night

I cannot tell

A song

Or a knowing

Perhaps a mystical spell

I lay quietly for a while

And listened

I read a touch of words

And listened

I left the inside

In favor of the outside

And the lullaby of the porch swing

I needn’t close my eyes to find the darkness

It was starless all about me

And I listened

As the wind whipped overhead

Now and then it fled the treetops

To swirl as gently as fingers through my untidy hair

I tried so very much

To think of nothing much

Especially not of the daylight

And all that awaited me therein

But, I was rather helpless to escape

The loveliest notions…

Gratefully back to my downy comfort I tiptoed

In knowing

That the gusty air would soon deliver cold rain

And, so it did

Tiny drops

Letting go

Seeking solace far below

Creating halos around halos

Reaching only for a moment

To touch one another

Before they disappear


ellie894 February 7, 2019

7 thoughts on “halos…

    1. Thank you kindly Andrew. I’ve no formal training in poetry. I don’t count or anything like that. Notions take hold of me and I just sort of feel my way through. You can’t imagine how often I’m unsure of them. Thank you 🌷

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      1. That is why I have told you I know your writing comes straight from the soul. You don’t have the formal poetic training to hinder or guide you. Your words come a place of pure beauty and love.

        That is why I admire your poetry. It is always beautiful, honest, and so you.

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