Have you ever come across a thought…

You already knew it

The thought itself

Somehow though, this time

There is more to it.

It is bigger than it was before

Or smaller perhaps,

Small enough to be a twinkle in your eye,

I’m not certain really.

Whatever it is,

This thought, it is part of you now.

Rather surprising,

As you’ve known

For so long.

But, there it is anyhow,

Reaching for you in a shining new way.

Like a love note…

You arrive

At the same tucked away place

The one you always journey to,

And there it waits

Small and unnoticed

Until you come along

The only who it was meant for…

Folded so carefully

And written by hand

How your heart races

With the opening…

and the wondering…

Whatever will be within…

How you take your time

With every precious word

Each one, a treasure.

And when you reach the end,

The tender sign off

Sends you a flutter and a flying…

You clutch the thoughts

Fast to yourself

And close your eyes

That such a love could ever be so

You breathe it deeply in

The vast and beautiful dream

And then….

You read it over again

And over again…

So that it makes a home in you.

Your whole world

And beyond it…

Even to the distant gazing moon,

Sighs with gentle knowing

All that it already knew…

all my love always

….from me…to dearest you…


ellie894 March 16, 2019

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