I’m not certain where the day has gone

But gone it has

As it always does

No matter how I try to hold it steady

The sun is bidding me farewell

Adieu…and all that jazz

I know it’s leaving

Because I watch

As the shadows go silently creeping

Further up the pier

Plank to plank

And passed all the skinny spaces in between

The birds are settling into their nighttime comforts

Fewer wings dashing across the skies

The beaver hasn’t come out to play

And no breeze offers me a kiss

The water is still enough to mirror

Everything that rests hopefully

Against its softened edge

Then, here is


Simply me

Nothing for me to give here

Nothing for me to do here

Nothing is asked of me here

This place loves me

As much as any place can

Just for quietly being here

Like the trees, the fish, the coyotes

And all the rest…

I wonder if it notices when I’m away

And misses me

The way that I miss it



ellie894 March 18, 2019

4 thoughts on “here…

    1. A beloved place is so much like someone you care about. When you are at ease to simply be with one another it’s a lovely thing. Happy you enjoyed it. Thank you Andrew 🌷

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