Do you see a hickory nut

Fallen from its giving tree

And broken by happenstance

Do you see a sign of strength

Rosie the Riveter, shining in her day

Popeye, high on spinach

Do you see a heart

Shaped and formed

By time and life

Into a very tender thing

With so much love to give

Or do you see

Even more than any of these

A silent vision all your own

That has not yet

Revealed itself to me….



ellie894 March 21, 2019


7 thoughts on “look with care…

  1. Hey,
    I can see a black, one-eared cat with a white nose that has its tongue hanging out! SWISH goes his tail behind him. I see all the above as well. I guess I am missing my Figaro today. Lovely picture! Thank you for sharing. Jj

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