A bright new dawn before you

Whatever shall it be

Keep your eyes well open

And Bigfoot might you see

A surprise of enormous size

On a bicycle built for three.

Invite a dinosaur to cookies and a show

They have such very pleasant manners

Yes, really…didn’t you know

Saying please and thank you,

To all the faces in all the places that they go.

Sing a silly song, a smiling happy howl

Of great brown and fuzzy bears

The hugging kind who never ever growl

But gather you up close to them

With nary a scary scowl.

And when you come to rest your feet

Upon the softest sands of endless time

That always begin with now,

Open wide your wings my love

And soar above the whitest cotton clouds

As owls over the ocean do

With a wisdom that speaks of trust

That their tree of rest will suddenly appear

When it is needed most of all

Courage to strengthen a gentle heart

Dispelling now the fear

There is great and hidden magic

In this and every day

Greet it with hopeful searching eyes,

Knowing I am always near…


ellie894 March 27, 2019

6 thoughts on “invite a dinosaur to tea…

  1. Tea, cookies and a close friend, Miss Dinosaur, and Mr. Llama, with his commas makes for a lovely walk on such a wonderful day. Quickly fills my pockets with cookies!!

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