At dusk I leave the pond and pier behind me,

the peace… I take that with me.

…into the woods I wander

it is too cold for frogs to chirp,

too late for birds to sing,

just right for coyotes though.

The yip of them

is as a street lamp

on a hot July night

sputtering to full

reminding me to go home.


that warm place deep inside.

I keep it with me

wherever I may roam

as you are always there…

and you do so ease my spirit.

Pine straw is silent

while footsteps are loud

when there is nothing else

to compete with them…

how music inspires my soul,

and beckons to me

to dance my way

through the faery wood.

Beyond it then…

the meadow softly lays me down to rest.

To one side of me are rolling grasses

and an abundance of tiny yellow flowers.

Only a few days ago

there were none at all.

Now, there is more lemon than lime.

To the other side of me stands a fortress of trees.

There is where you found me.

I say, you found me

and not the other way round

because, I’m quite certain

you saw me first.

If you had not moved at all

I never would have known

You were even there.

But, you made such a nice choice

to softly rustle in the leaves.

I am here…

you shyly whispered.

Would you care to…

join me.

you gazed so lovingly

as did I…

how touched I am

that you let me into your quiet world,

into your beating heart,

how humbled I am

that you didn’t scamper away

at the presence of me

instead, inviting me to stay.

I didn’t take a photograph.

I didn’t need to.

the moment is a postcard

in my heart

a time

a place

faded handwriting

…all my love…wish you were here….


ellie894 March 31, 2019

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