I do hope

These flamingos will gift you with a smile

I mean…

What’s not happy

About flamingos,

For heaven’s sakes

They’re cotton candy pink,

They sleep on one leg,

Their necks remind me of a giraffe’s,

But, they look as though

If they waved a Fourth of July sparkler

They’d end up in a terrible knot,

And….they bend at the elbows

….in the wrong direction,

Just wow!

If you watch them long enough

For their wings to open

In a post napping stretch

You’ll see ebony outlines

Hidden out of sight and underneath

How striking it is….

Against the gentle flower that is the rest of them

If I have not convinced you yet

I shall ask you to go find and listen…

To “Pretty Flamingo” by Manfred Mann

I think you’ll like it

And then these sweet birds

Will forever make you smile in beautiful remembrance.

Have a lovely day.

suzanne ❤️

May 12, 2019

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