I love the way the green feels sweet to me

The way it curves just so

Keeping a secret promise within itself

I love the way the rose reaches forth

In hopeful disarray

Gracefully searching every which where

I love the way some of the edges are scarred

Drained of color

And she is more beautiful for knowing loss

I love the way the sky breaks open

Falling heavy

Tears free to mingle with the rain

I love the way they’re gathered

Held safely in nearly invisible places

And you just know

The center must be so much more beautiful

Than you can ever imagine…


ellie894 June 10, 2019

7 thoughts on “I love the way…

  1. I may be wrong, but I always feel that one of the things that makes your poetry so soulful and beautiful is your connection with nature and everything around you. Your soul and your surroundings always appear to be one. That is truly a gift.

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    1. Your lovely thoughts touch my heart deeply. Sometimes I think I could write a small piece every morning that begins – I love the way… but I imagine it might get tiresome to others. When I write by hand it so often starts there. Thank you doesn’t seem enough for your care in reading me…nevertheless, thank you kindly 🌷

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