Oh my goodness me!

Such bouncy trouncy energy

Little jumping beans

Hopping from

Ceiling to floor to chair

Stillness never can compare

And shoes!

So many perfect shoes

Mine have glitter

Look look they plea!!

Mine have spider man

And mine are made of jelly

No silly bear

Not the kind that spreads on toast!

Some pull simply on

And some are latched up tight

With handy dandy Velcro

Hidden out of sight

But….don’t you know

They All come off!

To giggles and wiggles of toes

Thank goodness,

For the simple security

of enormous and giant hair bows

Deep breath…

As onward now we go

What’s this I see!

On each sweet forehead

A tiny circle sticker

Has been bestowed

It means

I’m special

From the top

of my bouncy trouncy head

to the tips of my wiggledy piggledy toes!!!


ellie894 June 12, 2019

Please forgive. The photo isn’t quite spot on but it’s best not to photograph the children. Bo was delighted to help out!

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