For four years

Tuesdays have been terrific.

Now, they are only Tuesday again.

I think of how

We choose a word

To go next to another

To make something special of it.

Dobby stood alone

At the side door

So I leashed him

And we walked, the two of us

Under soft clouds

Up the black topped county road


Just because...

The sun peeked through

And I realized

There is shade here

Well beyond eight

I’m grateful for that.

Where I paused to turn

I found a lone passionflower

Climbing for the sun.

Driving moves one too fast

And you miss the small things.

Now I know it’s there,

I’m grateful for that.

I long to know

The simple, smallest things

The way,

Dobby’s ears bounce as he walks,

The trees cast restful shadows

Early on a summer’s day,

And just there, off eleven hundred

Sways a passionflower

In the tender breeze,

Each tells me the story

That it is in the simple moments

That love shall always be near…

I’m grateful for that.

I guess,

Tuesdays will always be terrific

After all…


ellie894 June 25, 2019

7 thoughts on “terrific tuesday…

  1. It’s been raining the whole day, Suzanne. It’s my Tuesday. The grey skies and chilly weather really had an impact on the mood. And then I received sunshine and the beautiful follower from your corner of the world. How lovely ❤️

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    1. So happy to hear this one little flower made a smiling difference in your day. 🌷 it is still Tuesday and the weather here has become gray as well. Your sweet message has brightened my afternoon. Take care Isabelle ❤️

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