Jack was restless in the night

The full moon cast many shadows

Keeping him on alert

And me with him

It’s not always such a bad thing

To be awake

when the world Is sleeping around you

Thoughts so easily merge with dreams then

When I was a little girl

Who ventured courageously to slumber parties

I never slept!

I was the only one

Who kept a whole night’s vigil

What if…

Something magical was to happen

I wouldn’t want to miss it

After all

I could sleep tomorrow

At home

Last night, Jack’s guardianship of the premises

Invited me to join him

For some moonlight magic

I curled up in the swing


….to rustling in the woods


….the light softly dance in the breeze

And for a time

…my thoughts and dreams

Drifted in and out of one another

I am tired this morning

But my heart is at ease

Something lovely was surely nearby

In the wee hours

As I swayed beneath the silvery moon

And after all

I can sleep later…


ellie894 July 17, 2019

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