Do you ever catch yourself

…not sleeping,

When you’d really like to be,

Last night I woke

And woke again,

How often my words repeat,

I guess life does that too,

Repeats itself,

…at three

I gave up,

Tiptoed out the door

And onto the porch,

I like the way

the wood feels soft

Under my bare feet,

Jack left the safety

Of being nearby

To venture farther into the darkness

Than I could see,

While waiting for him

On a slow swing

I looked ever so hard

But, couldn’t find a single star,

They were all burrowed

Under a quilt of clouds,

In time

I returned inside

To feather pillows

And soft covers

Snuggling myself

Better than a bear

Hoping to dream his way

through winter

Then, I lay there silently

In the hours before dawn

…not sleeping…


ellie894 August 31, 2019

6 thoughts on “caught…

  1. Powerful images and sensations. I had a night like that this week. I opened my mail late at night and there was an important letter amongst the junk mail. It led to two hours of going round and round in my head what I had to do about the letter. I’ve decided never to open my mail at night.

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