Bundled against the chill 
I circled round the lake
To make the high ground 
So as to wish the sun goodnight 
I made it just in time 
Took my simple front row seat
As the sun fell below the horizon
Leaving here 
To go and shine upon lands of elsewhere 
I was enchanted by its fading
From my hilltop rich in dove’s weed
This twilight performance 
Was for an audience of only three
A milk chocolate cow
A sandy pecan doe
And me
We were alone in the open air theatre
Unknown to each other
For this one moment though,
We were the oldest of friends
At ease in the silence 
At home with each other
And when the light was altogether gone
The doe lazed into the nearby trees
The cow kept slowly at her grass
And I walked home
At peace in the darkness
Accompanied by the memory
Of my gentle friends
And a once in a lifetime show
ellie894 December 1, 2019

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  1. A lovely moment captured in both words and image. Taking the time to savor the peace that is all around us, if we can find a way to reach it, is a blessing!!! Thank for the reminder!!!

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