I cannot be sure

If the sun will rise upon the morrow
Or if it will set this evening 
I have not a clue 
If the winds blow icy from the north
Or steamy from the south
I am not certain 
If the ocean tides ebb to a deeper there
Or if they flow to here
Yet, there are things 
I know without any hesitation 
They each speak to me of you, 
How gently my smile returns
Since you’ve been long away,
Your loving gaze catches my eye
And sets my heart to racing
There are many things
I am not meant to know
I no longer seek to understand…
The waves bestowing kisses
The winds of Zanzibar, playing in the sand
The one and only brilliant morning star
Dancing into dawn…
I do not ask it how or why
Each of these must and shall go on,
In their way, to which I am not privy
Now I lay me down to rest
In all I know 
To be so very sure
Of you, my love
For now and evermore…

ellie894 December 2, 2019

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