Downy pillows,
Fluffy blankets,
And a tiny lamp,
Tucked under 
The big bay window
Overlooking the cedar tree
And her moonflower children
A cozy magical place 
To begin a worded journey
To anywhere 
That a heart may wish to go 
I set off at once
Eager to visit parts unknown 
With pages of adventure
Some overflowing 
Others empty and waiting,
for me,
Darkness descended
Beyond the glass
As stars appeared one by one
My eyes grew heavy 
I drifted into sleep
For a time, uncertain 
Of the minutes or the hours
That passed uncounted
When next I peeked 
The moon was peeking 
Back at me
From the branches of the cedar 
Casting soft shadows 
On the grasses
Where the rabbits play
And the faeries dwell,
In a half dreamy trance
I saw the sparkle of a wing
And the flutter of a dance
Then as I settled back 
To turn the storied pages of sleep
I thought, how lovely a thing
To open one’s heart to chance

ellie894 December 8, 2019