Ideas pop up as I write. Pop pop pop, like bubbles blown from soap and floating away in a shimmer of iridescence. I begin and I suddenly think, well now, if I had a bit of time to play with this I think it would be worth saying.
But do I have the time…And is it worth saying at all…

Even now, I’m on the swing listening to a lyrical guitar. Can guitars be lyrical? I’m not sure, but I’ll keep that bit anyway. I like the idea of a guitar being lyrical.

Clouds are floating gently overhead.  From time to time a strong wind blows.  I’m happy for it. I love the way it plays in the treetops.  

This morning there was hail, by golly. Hail! It wasn’t big hail. But it was hail all the same. Larger than salt but smaller than a kernel of corn. Does that help you to big but not too much it is..

The birds are foraging for dinner nearby. And the dogs are watching nothing in particular in lazy anticipation of what might happen next. And it occurs to me that would be a lovely place to begin or even to end.

What if I began with – And, so they lived happily ever after…and figure out what comes from there.  travel backwards, you see. Where you came from instead of where you are going.. I think where you’ve been is well worth seeing. Chances are when you were there you didn’t have time to see it. So now is as good a time as any..

Be playful, no need to always be polished. Let the dust bunnies loose to hop about and have some fun…


ellie894 December 29, 2019

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