I awakened well before dawn
And tiptoed to the porch
Above me were the stars 
Right where they were supposed to be
Below me were soft shadows 
Sifting through the holly leaves
Painted by the gentle light of the moon
Nought in the air
But silence 
And there was I 
..paused in sleepy reverence 
In this threshold moment
Between dreams and waking

ellie894 December 30, 2019

4 thoughts on “in sleepy reverence…

  1. Funny; if a particular star were not where it was supposed to be, it would’ve taken a number of light years for you to know about it. During the Renaissance, it was still believed that the outer stars were fixed and permanent. Nowadays we know about the birth and death of stars. The amazing thing about supernova is how it enriches space with materials. Every atom in the universe has been cycled through a star…

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