Through the gate
I make my way
The moon peeks
in a sideways smile
Inviting me to climb high
Among the bare branches
Where the owl who’s 
The wings of the dove flutter
And the last light of day,
can still be seen
The fullest moments,
are so often empty
Of leaves, of light, of busy
I savor this emptiness
I wrap it up
Tuck it in my pocket
To carry with me
Wherever I may go…

ellie894 January 1, 2020

8 thoughts on “through the gate…

  1. First off, that’s beautiful…your photo and your writing. Then…your photo stunned me. I so completely understand your earlier comment. I have another photo of the moon from that evening, which I’ll post sometime soon. The similarities with your picture are remarkable.

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    1. Thank you so kindly 🌷. It’s uncanny isn’t it! I have another as well, taken through a window as yours was but I used this one instead. It was a lovely surprise when I saw yours. Happy treasure hunting aka picture taking 😊🌙

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