Ellie knows 
My wishes
That drift like softest snow
Through the air to land
In the only place
They really want to go,
Ellie knows 
My dreams
The ones in faded blue
Where my thoughts fly
Up and away
So they can be with you,
Ellie knows
My sadness 
The melancholy days
When the best that I can do
Is to keep on keeping on
In all the quiet ways,
Ellie knows 
My heart 
Dancing with delight
As shooting stars
Beckon me forth
Into the darkest night, 
Ellie knows 
My soul
Wandering among the trees
Singing the songs 
That sparkle as the sunshine 
Upon the morning leaves,
Ellie listens..
To the whispers of the snowflakes 
And to the faery’s wing
Ellie knows 
There is magic to be found 
In every little thing…

ellie894 January 7, 2020

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