I often think to begin by saying

It is silent

But, I listen

And, I hear

The wings of a cardinal coming to land

The call of an owl softly from far away

A fish breaks the surface

In a splash that ripples…

A turtle drops off the fallen tree

In a plunk that echoes…

The planks of the pier creak under my step

The dry leaves crunch under my boot

Two doves whistle on the move

Two pines knock on the breeze

And I cannot in good conscience

Begin with the words

It is silent

Silence is made by man

Trying to forget

That he’s part of a beautiful world

A world that is never truly silent

A world that is always singing a love song

To all who take the time to listen…


ellie894 January 16, 2020

13 thoughts on “a love song…

    1. Oh, thank you Whippoorwill so very much πŸ’– happy tears are a good thing

      My most humble apologies for taking so long. I’m afraid your kind comment ended up in spam and I only found it this morning. 🌷

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