There’s a shadow to the left
Because of it, 
I cannot be sure of 
The tree or its trunk
I can only be sure of
The branches and its fingertips
As I see them
Reaching forth to touch the air
But, I trust it is there
Even though the shadow
Doesn’t  let me see it
Am I trusting…
In the softness of the shadow
Or in the strength of the tree
Or is it even more than that
Is it something that’s at home in me
ellie894 January 26, 2020

6 thoughts on “shadow to the left…

  1. A shadow to the left could be something hidden in the unconscious, according to the theories of Jung. Leftward is the unconscious, and to the right is the conscious mind. To that I would add that the shadow might symbolize death, while the tree within the shade could be something beyond it, like an afterlife or a cosmic order such as karma and samsara, the cycle of rebirths; yes, reincarnation.

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