I am humbled by sharing.

To even begin with I, doesn’t seem right.

It’s just that I want you to know.

How often I listen.

Thoughts overwhelm me

Words are useless

They come later

They always do

There’s a waiting though

For them to find me

My heart breaks each time

A little more

I’m grateful for the breaking

If that makes any sense

It’s like the the earth opening up just there

To make way for a rippling creek

For both joy and despair

That will flow to the river

And to the lake

And beyond it even

To the ocean

Of all time

But first the break

And the emptiness

That begins it

When there is no water yet

And no words

Please Know

That I hold you

So very closely in my thoughts

It is the truest of me

I have to give

A flower, a butterfly, a heart

Helps me to tell you so

Until the stream begins to flow

suzanne ❀️

my love to all who share

January 31, 2020

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