Spring, hasn’t exactly sprung 
Yet, winter seems to be on hold
Not a stitch of bold
Nor is it cold
The birds are all a-twitter 
In the milky gray skies
With a healthy helping
Of mad mosquitos 
But, in my heart
I know blue..
Heavenly blue
Twitter, sets me to think of
Tutter, the mouse
Who lives with Bear
In the Big Blue House 
Thhaannkkk yyyoouu bbeeaarrrrr
He always replies
Softening not slurring 
That final rrrr
Not like a pirate thing
And it doesn’t so much roll
As much as it sings..
..Tutter’s heart full of gratitude 
His fur as blue as the big blue house
Such a silly little mouse
Whom I hear this fine morning 
Twittering in the birdsong nearby
Turning my white sky
To an enchanting blue
Quick as a wink
Or a blink
In the far away land
Of my mind’s eye…

ellie894 February 18, 2020

23 thoughts on “heavenly blue…

  1. Winter is on hold. Spring is up but seems to be sidelined. Mosquitoes surely are up and awake with the biting skills which have evolved overtime (hahahaha). Enjoyed reading this one.

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