No matter how I try
I simply can’t decide
So I shall offer you
One of each
And therein
We shall abide
Miss Fred has a notion 
To visit the ocean
Has invited me 
To come along too
If she would only
Hop in the car
Like a green hop toad
Purr along the winding road
Then off we’d go
A cat and her girl
Top down 
Wind through our crown
Taking away the worries
As we drift towards the scent 
Of the salty sea air
Into a day 
Ever so gentle 
Ever so fair
So, there you are
A silly 
A simple
A cat 
And her girl, that’s me
Wishing You….

A silly simple caturday Saturday 

ellie894 February 22, 2020

17 thoughts on “silly Saturday…

    1. Sundaram, it is always lovely to hear from you. Your thoughts are always original and thoughtful. I’m very grateful for them. Have a beautiful week full of little things my friend 😊🌷

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