The sky was crystalline

The very air itself was joyful

I opened wide the door

And every window

To the freshness of the day

Then set about my to dos

Without a second thought


I heard a fluttering

And a twittering

Oh my, oh dear

Not one, but, two birds

Had flown right in

Suddenly, I was running an aviary

The bookshelf became a sanctuary

The ceiling fan a tree

And apparently birds like teapots

Who knew…

Dobby watched patiently

As they crisscrossed the room

And I made…attempts

At setting them free

Hmmm…I could hear him

Such an uninterested look

For which I was quite grateful

Had he decided to be an active participant

In this madcap adventure

I’m certain it would have ended


I assure you

All is well

They managed to find the door

Imagine my sigh of relief

But before the day was over

A little green frog

Definitely a frog and not a toad

He lost his direction

along the baseboards

Leap, leap, leap

I gathered him up

And took him out

To join the birds

Ah, but the day wasn’t over yet

A chocolate brown garter snake

Across the floor


He too was ushered carefully

Out the door

Well, I say…

It was a regular indoor garden party

The only thing missing

Was sprinkle cupcakes

…and a piñata…


ellie894 March 27, 2020

Im very happy to share that nothing came to harm and it was a beautiful day.

Be safe and get plenty of sleep. 🌷

8 thoughts on “where’s the piñata…

  1. Oh, how fun!!💃🏼 It’s lovely that the local animals came to visit you in your self-quarantine🎉
    I get a lost bee once in a while (once had a queenless hive😱) but no critters.
    Oh, I take that back…mice and rats try to move in, but you gotta draw the line somewhere.

    What a fun day! Thank you for sharing it!😍🥰💃🏼

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    1. I’ve had those too! Even got a flying squirrel a couple of times. That was interesting… a lot like the bat scene from The Great Outdoors 😂. It was a pretty nice day and I was content with my visitors. Never a dull moment. Take care ☺️💖🍀✨🎶

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  2. As soon as I finished reading the birds on the tea pots, I thought about the fall of it but then you said nothing was harmed. And a frog is okay but a chocolate brown garter snake, oops. Were they heading out for a party and were distracted by the doors open for them considering you are organizing one? I have this all going in head (animated). But alas cupcakes were not there.
    Were Dobbie and Ellie okay? excited they must be as I am imagining. 🙂

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    1. Oh! I love your animated thoughts 😊 I should have a garden party! It was quite a day 😝. Dobby and Ellie were nearby watching the goings on. They were very entertained 😄💖


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