With a nod and a wink

I so often think

I will simply

Wander the way

But then, wonder

Comes along

Soft as a whisper

Sweet as a song

And, takes me by the hand

Before I know what’s what

I’m wondering

As I’m wandering


More than walking

Until I find

A whole long day

Has come and gone

Quite nicely

Made beautiful

By the lovely touch

…of wonder…


ellie894 April 3, 2020

14 thoughts on “with a nod and a wink…

  1. What a beautiful day. The photograph is fantabulous and I too want to wander in such a place. This is sooo very much beautiful. In love. And the last photograph is your daily spot. 🙂 Hearts

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    1. Smiling, it is my daily spot ☺️. It’s always so beautiful to me. But I catch myself worrying that people will tire of it as I share it so often. Thank you dearly 💝🌷

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  2. Beautiful as always! Love that last picture too with the sun peeking through the trees and the sky reflecting off the water like glass…. I miss the outdoors already. 🙂

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    1. Thank you! It had been very gray all day and then cleared just enough at dusk to make a truly stunning sunset moment. I felt as though I was somewhere else far away. … I hope that everyone will be back outdoors very soon. Take care! ☺️🌷

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