I wish you sweet dreams

This very night

I shall wish you the same


As many as

your thoughts

can imagine

And even more

For, as I lay close


In the rainy night

The stars fall softly

From the skies

A gift so freely given

And one by one

The trees awake

To knowing

They are full of stars

And hold them close

To the heart of


For me to find

Upon the morrow

As bright as the sunshine

As tender as love’s first kiss

I gather the very stars

In my own two hands

From within the heart

Of the trees

…and give them all

…to you


ellie894 April 5, 2020

13 thoughts on “for you…

    1. It So surprised me! My very first thought was that the trees had caught the stars 🌟! Thank you, have a sweet day 🤗🌿✨💝🌲🌷


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