Dobby does 
What Dobby does
And not 
What Dobby doesn’t 
Dobby will 
What Dobby will
And not
What Dobby won’t
Dobby is
What Dobby is
And not
What He is not
Now, where 
Was I…
With this list, of 
Do’s and don’ts 
I fear 
That I’ve forgot
But, Dobby doesn’t 
He never does that 
Dobby keeps doing
What Dobby does
And not 
What Dobby won’t 
And that’s just right, because 
I love…
Dear Dobby do
And especially Dear Dobby don’t….

ellie894 April 22, 2020

13 thoughts on “Dear Dobby Do…

    1. Oh, the things they could do! 😂😉
      No matter What he does, when I ask – what are you doing – he stops and looks up at me and I just start laughing 🤣🎶🐾💞💌🥰🤗🐾


  1. Dobby has turned into a messenger, and here he’s delivering a long awaited letter. Who’s the lucky recipient? 🙃 Loved the wordplay of this lovely piece. Have a beautiful day, Suzanne ❤️

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