I wandered to the porch

at midnight

To take a drowsy peek

At the flower moon

Come full

It was so very bright

I couldn’t see,

the stars

That’s ok,

As I was there to gaze,

upon the moon, anyway

Now full

Of what, I am not sure

But, it eases me to know

It’s there

Floating through the sky

Keeping an eye

Over … everything

All it needs to Be

Is what it is…

soon, I found my way,

back to quilts and pillows

My soul now settled

With the knowing

My thoughts drifted, as the moon

Across the sky of you…



ellie894 May 7, 2020






12 thoughts on “full flower moon…

    1. Thank you!! Me too. 😊 This moon seems to come up late and with all the trees around the house I have to wait and stumble out to see it when I’m half asleep. It is kind of magical then though. And thank you about the Debussy. I don’t often add music. Technology 🙃. Hope you see it this evening 🌜🌝🌛✨💫⭐️🎶💝🤗

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  1. The moon piece is much as you described it this morning.
    It’s reassuring to think that the moon is watching over us.
    I have seen a big full moon the last 2 mornings on early walk.
    Should get one last look at it tomorrow morning.
    I’ll think of this poem when I see it.
    Hope your day is going well. 🙂

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    1. I imagine it’s very beautiful to see the moon so early in the morning before sunrise.
      Enjoy it tomorrow. 😊
      Thank you,
      It has been a nice day.
      Hope yours has been as well. 😊

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