The moon gazes

from within a morning sky.

It knows the ocean,

So far away

Yet so close

vast and full

of big things and little things

whales and anemones

Currents and tides

Restless and resting

Rocking waves and quiet depths.

I dreamed of trains in the night,

Moving along tree lined tracks

Rhythmic and searching

For what, they would not say.

Like the ocean currents

The highways and byways of the sea

Always journeying, somewhere,

Only those are lined

With other things

Like coral reefs and manta rays

And then there are the tides…

They are seeking too

Coming in and going back out again

I like the way

The shore is gentle in its waiting

And the way

The thundering tide is thrilling in its crashing

I am but a drop in the ocean

And a single star in the universe

As are you,

Riding the waves

Sailing the moonbeams

Knowing the quiet depths

Of each

The moon fades ever faster

As the sun peeks over my shoulder

And the wind whispers gently

Across the shore of my soul

..quietly waiting

…for the tide…


ellie894 June 10, 2020

12 thoughts on “the shore gently waits…

  1. Look at the blue of the sky and the greens of the trees. So vibrant and beautiful!

    Trains have so much romance associated with them. The lonesome train whistle in the dark, journeys to exotic destinations, the “wrong side of the tracks”…

    And water… any water, ALL water… still, but in motion at the same time. And the place where the moving water meets the patient land. Both elements giving and taking…

    So much to think about from your poem, Suzanne.🤔 Thank you!😍🥰🤗🦄🌊

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    1. It was a cool morning and the colors always seem brighter when the air is cool.

      I’ve never been on a train but I’ve heard lots of stories. Maybe one day 💃😊

      You’re such a careful reader, taking time with it all. Thank you, Angie! 🌊🦄🤗🥰❤️

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      1. I rode an Amtrak train back in 1990 from California to St Louis, Missouri. It was NOT fun. Trying to sleep sitting up, the dining car was hella expensive, it wasn’t the romance at all.
        I’d like to be on an old style train, First Class of course… that might be fun. An old steamer🚂

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      2. There’s one not far from here that does a run between two small towns. I think the round trip is maybe 3 hours altogether. It’s expensive though. They even do a Polar Express for the kids at Christmas time. ☺️

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