Where does one begin to tell the story…..

I am on the swing beneath the trees, stillness all around.

The morning glory climbs…

And the sun is going down….

The busy squirrels have given up for the day…the laundry is done and put away.

Jack is settled in the sand at my feet…but he is watching.

He scans the edge of the woods for something….to appear.

As the sun is going down…

The cottontail is feasting in the tall grass…that means I need to mow.

But, he’s so at ease there…I can’t bring myself to do it.

Just one more day, I tell myself.

But not today,

For now, the sun is going down…

The hummingbird flies back and forth…from the feeder to who knows where.

I only know her by her fly by…full of vim and vigor…

Just one more sip to tide me over until morn!

As the sun is going down…

I can feel it…a treasured quilt bundled nearer.

The patch of blue sky is paling.

The greens are getting ever softer.

The wheels are turning…slowly…day is giving way to gentle night…

And the sun is going down…


ellie894 June 14, 2020

22 thoughts on “and the sun is going down…

      1. But why do you do it? I get the whole exercise thing – that’s Suze’s line – although l know the secret dreadful truth … which is she doesn’t trust me to do it on two counts 1] l am clumsy and could sever the wire and electrocute myself and 2] she likes straight lines and l am everywhere πŸ™‚

        But what’s the goss then Tex, why do you mow your lawns?

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