It is sort of a misty morning

under a white sky

A dozen crows lift from the field grass

It is joyful and raucous when they do

I like it

They take me with them

Into somewhere I’ve never been before

Little white mushrooms along the path,

look like toasted marshmallows

Conjuring thoughts,

of a warm campfire

stories told

…drifting images..

And, there are these sweet little flowers blooming now

The white ones and the pale blue ones have three petals

Always three

Body, mind and spirit

They hold a raindrop with ease

and I think how strong they are made to do so

Water must be very heavy

to such a delicate petal

there’s another one,

A flower I mean

A stronger blue color

but, as tender

as the white and the pale

The brighter blue has only two petals

Always two

It makes it look like a little butterfly

A floating blue butterfly

come to land

and it’s heart is yellow like sunshine

I guess, it holds the sun in its heart

Isn’t that lovely

I always think of tiny butterflies

when I see the two blue petals

Side by side

Dotting the hilltop

between brown eyed susans

and bright magenta pinks

They close up at night

Go to sleep

And wake again with the new day

Always a new day

Late May nearly June flowers

How I love blue and yellow


They’re right for each other, it seems to me

So, the sky is white

and the lake is still

and the little blue butterfly flowers

are blooming

and marshmallow mushrooms, toasted

hint at nighttime

and a campfire

under starry skies

A bit of all things here

All places

And ever times

From then until now..

Before and beyond them all

Beside me

Adrift in gazing..

Into the dark

Into the light

Of each other

As the blue petals

Of the delicate butterfly flower

mirror of souls

Touching everything

…just there…


ellie894 June 20, 2020

12 thoughts on “marshmallows and blue butterflies…

  1. I don’t mind the crow music either… except when they’re fighting over the pecans in my tree😉

    Such magical woods you have!🌳🦋🍃🍄💫 Thank you for taking us along 🏞🚶‍♀️🦅🤗

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    1. Thank you, Sundaram. It’s always so nice to hear from you 😊. I hope very much that things will ease up soon and that you’ll be able to go out again. Do take care. 🌷

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  2. It’s always been a struggle for me to write about the beauty of flowers. You did it so easily and brilliantly, as you always do, Suzanne ❤️ You don’t only write about them, you feel with them.

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