Knock knock,

Woke me in the deep of night

I turned the knob

..opened guietly the door

My thoughts were standing there

So, I invited them in

Closed my eyes

And soon enough,

..was back to sleep again

Morning came too quickly

All I could recall was the knock…

So, to the early things I went

And everything else, I quite forgot

As the candle flame warmed the kitchen well

I listened, to the sky beyond the feather

I gazed, into the light bound by the crystal matter which way I turned them

But, where was the water…

I left on tiptoe

In search for it…

Every step a doorway

Lush greens drew close

When the rain is coming for you

It speaks the same as the rushing wind

The only way to know which it is

Is to look up

If the tops of the trees are waving

It is the wind…

…the trees were steady

And so the rain came for me

As the doe rested in her place

And the lightning

Now and then, broke the heavy sky

Drops fell long upon the lake

Their spell was cast

And I was lost in knowing…

The light is held by the water

As surely as by the stone

And in the falling falling

I heard the knocking

Of the night before

Knocking knocking

Light comes silently calling

I turn the knob

And open wide the crystal door…


ellie894 June 22, 2020

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