As I wandered the wood this morning

I kept searching for a word

To make the magic moment real

Each time I thought

I had found one

It would only dart away

Like a happy hummingbird

And to list the where and when

Didn’t seem right at all

So, I was left rather lost

A lost feeling

But, in the loveliest kind of way

In a catch me gently

I’m falling

Kind of way…


ellie894 June 24, 2020

12 thoughts on “rather lost…

  1. When you cant find the words to describe it, it truly IS magical!💫✨🦋🤗

    I love the spiderweb. It makes me think of Disney’s Fantasia and the fairies dotting everything with dew.🧚‍♀️🕸🥰

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    1. That’s just the way it was. None of the words seemed right ✨🦋🤗
      I like that part! It was invisible until I moved a little and the light came through it and it still held some raindrops from last night. Thanks! 🥰🕸☀️

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