The woodland floor is wet

With the beauty of yesterday’s rain
Silencing my footsteps 
Letting me hear 
…other things
The moon casts soft shadows 
In the tender hours before dawn
Resting silvery upon my skin
Letting me see 
…other things
The wind blows strong
From somewhere deep inside
Playing with my thoughts 
Letting me feel
…other things 
The day slows to moments 
As time comes to now
Fluttering in a mystical way
And I know 
…other things
ellie894 July 12, 2020

12 thoughts on “silent footsteps…

  1. “The day slows to moments”
    Just loved it. The very phrase is like a mute blast turning everything in slow motion. Ultra slow motion, as I see it flutter slowly by, wing beating upon a soft wing…

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