Jack j juice box, always at the ready

To launch a well maneuvered attack

The heady steady playful kind

Where there is no taking of it back

Dobby do, not to be left behind

Doesn’t doesn’t miss a step

Joins the fun, adding plenty of pep

The excitement of the paws and pupper sort

Then there’s Bobolicious

His sneakers laced for good clean sport

Mischievous and suspicious

Of the wheels on the road

Turning turning stopping

Outside the window glass

He leaves nothing nothing

Ignored to drive on passed

Last but not least Miss Ellie

Her strength is well composed

My gentle lelephant prepared

Waiting in calm repose

The delivery man need not

Ring the bell

Nor need I, anyone to tell

Me, that something is amiss

As the fiercesome foursome

Bark on in a state

Of unadulterated bliss

About the prize awarded

So unceremoniously to the threshold

Of the cheerful red, locked up tight

…front door

To the utter and complete astonishment

Of my barking barking four


ellie894 August 10, 2020

To all those who brace the wild to make deliveries, thank you from the fiercesome foursome. 🙂

20 thoughts on “fiercesome foursome….

    1. Two of them found me! I don’t even go looking and there they are 😄. They’re big but all playful and good natured. Hope your Monday has been good Sundaram and that you sleep well. Thank you 🙏 👍😊


  1. They look super strong. Ellie is so sweet, sitting and admiring the beauty. They do it everyday in the same place I guess from your poems.
    Dobby Doo is vigilant. I love dogs. The best companion to understand the feelings.
    You words capture their playful nature.

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      1. It is soooo hard to get them all sitting still at once! 🙃 This is a favorite picture of mine from Christmas time. The red bow on the window was a decoration for the season. 😊


      2. I too thought about Christmas. This actually is an amazing click. They all look lovely together and might be spinning their own stories about the snow outside and the ribbon. 😊

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      3. They stood just like this for maybe one whole minute and then they were off again, busy busy! They see through this front window and then run out the back door to try and get another look at whatever it is. 🤣


    1. 😊 they are so silly and sweet and busy every day, always getting into something 😅. They are indeed very dear companions. Ellie is never far away from me. And one kitty at the moment. Her name is Miss Fred. She and Ellie are the same age. In fact Ellie found Fred as a kitten in the woods. Thank you! 🥰🎶🌷


  2. What wonderful, fun, mischievous pups!🐕🐶 I remember a picture of Jack with a very big stick!😂😂😂 Miss Ellie, the perfect southern belle. Bo and Dobby, running and running just because it’s fun. Curiosity, excitement and LOVE! You have a beautiful fur-family! Thank you for sharing them with us.🤗🥰💕💓💞
    My Zeus barks enough for 4🙄🙉 He sounds ferocious, but looks silly trying to fit his Big Dumb self onto my lap😂😂😂

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