With a lashed blue eye

I do spy

a basketful of daydreams

spilled out

onto the waiting floor

Maracas and drumsticks

haphazard as they can be

But, where oh where

are the green tambourines

Never you mind

where they are

Says he

Just sing along with me

I’m the little blue dude

with a one two three

who decides the tune

and sets the mood

Beneath the not night sunshine

blurred by heat

and softened by time

Carefully watching over

the daydreams

from the basketful spilled

And I won’t take a dime

for they are free

Free for the dreaming

Free for the sharing

A one

And a two

And a three

Come along now

and sing

a maraca drumming

basketful of dreaming

melody with me


ellie894 September 6, 2020

Thank you to my dear friend Forrest for sharing the cheerful and inspiring children’s art from the sidewalks of California.

9 thoughts on “free…

  1. Perfect piece for that chalk drawing.
    Do do the children’s art honor.
    Hope your day is off to a great start Suzanne.
    Forrest 🙂

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