I don’t have a single word

Nor do I have two

I asked the pumpkin

in the patch

All he said was moo

I turned to ask the bird

Because I thought she knew

She opened her beak

To give a tweet

But, all she said was boo

So, here I am

without a clue

I think that’s my cue

to put on my shoe

and go outside

to find the cow

and ask which way to the zoo

While I’m there

I’ll check to see,

if the sky is still blue

When at last I have the word

the one that’s newer than new

I’ll run right back

to share it with you

Because then I’ll know

and you will too

After that I feel quite sure

There won’t be a single solitary thing

left to do

except to shout



ellie894 October 3, 2020

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